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"Prince Yuki" is the fanclub of Sohma Yuki at Kaibara High School. Our membership numbers over half the female student body. The substance of our activities is for all to praise, love, and defend the prince that has descended upon our school

Prince Yuki Vice President, Kinoshita Minami-san!
Member No. 1, Yamagishi Mi-san!
Member No. 2, Goto Mai-san!

And myself, Prince Yuki president, Minagawa Motoko!

As is tradtional of Prince Yuki representatives, we will set forth our hands, in order to protect tender Yuki, and Yuki's heart!

For one, we do not steal the prince's personal belongings.
For one, we do no go to the Prince's house.
For one, we do not talk to the prince unless two or more of us are present.
For one, we address the prince in the following manner:

Third Year Students: Yuki
Second Year Students: Yuki-kun
First Year Students: Sohma-kun

Hail the Prince!

Those that go against these rules, even if they are not a member of the club, may or may not receive stern punishment.

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