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Random Stuff That Couldn't Fit Anywhere Else


03/05/04- Welcome to Prince Yuki online! Here you can join the club as well as find out information about the prince. Soon I will have the gallery up, more information on the prince, and more random stuff on this page. -Minagawa Motoko

03/06/04- I put all the thumbnails for the larger pictures up in the gallery. I will soon be putting up the larger pictures. ^^

08/06/04-Erm...Uh...Sadly, I kind-of...sort-of...lost my enthusiasim for this site...Uh...oops? Heh heh...*sweatdrop* Anyone who wants to help me work on it, or can convince me they should have it, can contact me at Arigato to gomen nasai! (Thanks and sorry!)

04/26/05- I found out today that this site doesn't show up right on macintosh computers. For those of you who have macintosh comupters, I am sorry, and I do not know how to fix it. ^.^; At some random point in time I will figure out how to make this site better, but right now I'm a college student and I'm afraid my paper is a bit more important. Gomen nee, minna.